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Epsom Salts For Health?

Espom Bath

Epsom salts for health? Who knew.  I came a cross across this article, Health Benefits of Epsom Salts, by Melissa Breyer, I was surprised.  I never thought of Epsom thoughts to be used for health purposes.  I only remember it being used to help various types of itching, lol.  Yet according to the this article it has many health benefits.  Of course some relate to massage such as easing muscle pain.  It also gives the correlation between magnesium and calcium and how calcium functions best when enough magnesium is present.  It's a good, informative and educational read.  Now go take an Epsom bath. :)

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What Is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a type of energy bodywork that relies on the ancient belief in the unseen life force energy, referred to as Chi, that flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This life force, Chi, runs throughout pathways in the body called meridians, nourishing organs and cells and supporting vital functions. When this life force energy is disrupted by negative thoughts, feelings or actions, illness and disease result. A Reiki practitioner's hands hover just above a person's body usually never touching the body but sensing the ill affected areas and infusing them with positive flow. This raises the energetic vibration and breaks up the negative energy to help heal, clear and restore the bodies natural flow of its' life force.

The Reiki practitioner places their hands on or just above the client's body and uses a passive touch that some clients experience with warmth or tingling. Thought to be Tibetan Buddhist in origin, the practice of Reiki is comprised of three levels of training. Through this training the practitioner learns how to access energy flow through the hands to heal. Completion of the third and highest level of training results in the title of Reiki Master. Reiki is used to accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages and help the client contact the healer within.  According to www.reiki.org, Reiki is beginning to gain acceptance as a meaningful and cost-effective way to improve patient care in hospitals and clinics across America. In an interview on the website, Dr. David Guillion, an oncologist at Marin General Hospital in California, says, "I feel we need to do whatever is in our power to help the patient. We provide state of the art medicine in our office, but healing is a multidimensional process. I endorse the idea that there is a potential healing that can take place utilizing energy." As a complimentary healing, I'm very happy to see things like this being said from a conventional doctor!

I personally have had many different types of energy work and energy healing done and it's a great additional tool to one's health care. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to do energy work on my son and various clients. It's an amazing and cool healing whether you are receiving or giving the energy healing. And it is truly a type of healing. If you have any questions or are looking for an energy healer I may be able to help you, just contact me and let me know.

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Super Strange Spa Treatments

I"m not sure why, yet I keep coming across sites with odd or very expensive styles of massages.  One site I just saw has a diamond massage where you are massage with diamonds just as you would hot stones.  Interesting one except my first thought was "diamonds supposedly cut glass, how much would they be cutting the skin?"  Plus, I wanted to know how much they were charging for that? Couldn't find a cost on it though.  Anyways, here's a link to a site with ten super strange massages ranging from caviar, to gold to chocolate and even to snakes (yes so many jokes to be made about the snakes).

Super Strange Spa Treatments

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To Ice or Not to Ice? That is the Question

When I was in high school, the school's athletic trainer's famous words were "Ice it."  Not matter what they injury was, he just always told everyone to ice it.  It actually became a standing joke.  Fast forward 25+ years (damn!) and things have changed and more has been learned.  Here is a great article on when to ice, how to ice and how long to ice an injury.  Did you know you can get frostbite from icing an injury?  Read and learn :)

Chiropractic Sports Injury Clinic - How Long Should You Ice?
Dr. Ron Spallone, D.C.

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Are You Getting What You Paid For?

Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit

When I went to school for massage, they taught a 50-minute routine massage.  Why?  Because this is what spa's do.  Though most spas advertise a 60 minute or 1 hour massage, it really isn't.  It is usually a 45-50 minute massage that you will receive.  Did you even know this?  Would this be considered false advertising?  You think you're are getting a full 60 minutes cause this is what you paid for and it is what you are thinking you are getting when you are not.  Wonder why?  This is because most spas book their therapists back-to-back-to back.  And most of these therapists are doing 5,6,7, 8 massages in a row in one day! (that's a whole other blog)

When I first started doing massage, I worked at a variety of spa's in town.  Out of the places I worked at, all but one would book a massage every hour on the top of the hour.  So I had one hour to greet a client, have them get undressed and on the table, massage them, get them off the table, take the dirty sheets off, put clean sheets on and then off to do it again and again.  Plus if I was doing a hot stone, mud wrap or Vichy shower treatment that was even more cleanup, yet not more time.  If a client was late, they would get an even shorter massage!  Not quite right, is it?  The one spa that I worked at that did not book back-to-back, had a minimum of 20 minutes in-between massages.  That time made a big difference in clean-up, as well as my own sanity of not feeling so rushed.

One of the differences I have with my business compared to spas is that your massage is the full time schedule. If you book an hour you get minimum of 60 minutes and with an an hour and half it's a full 90 minutes.  With both of these time frames you usually end up getting even a bit more then that.  The time I spend on your body is not taken away because I have to set up my table and take it down.  I schedule my appointments so that I have the full time with you and plenty of time to setup everything and get to my next appointment.

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