Loving Touch is the Key to a Great Massage Therapist

There are many things that play into becoming a massage therapist. Of course, there is the attendance of a massage school. At school the therapist will learn about the anatomy of the body and massage techniques. We learn about the muscles, the skeletal system, the nervous system as well as all the other bodily systems. Depending on the school, a therapist might learn other things such as aromatherapy or different types of massages such as hot stone or pregnancy. However the main thing that not one school can teach is touch, especially a giving and loving touch. Now granted the training does help, yet training can not help give a true therapist the skill of touch and connecting with their clients. What makes one therapist better then another is that desire to help people, that love of what they do as well as knowing they are great at being a massage therapist. Overall, the loving intent and touch is what will make one therapist great over another therapist who just wants to get through their workday.

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