Do You Feel Spas Are Deceitful?

Do You Get What You Pay For?

When I went to school for massage, they taught us a 50-minute massage routing.  Why?  Because this is what the standard is for spa's.  Most every spa advertises a 60 minute/1-hour massage, when it really isn't that in fact.  What you receive is usually a 45-50 minute massage.  Did you even know this?  Do you feel it's deceitful or false advertising?

Most spas book their appointments literally back-to-back-to back with most therapists doing up to 8 massages in a row, with many places the therapist has to fight for a break.  When I first started doing massage, I worked at a variety of spa's in the SCV.  Out of the places I worked at, all but one spa would book a massage every hour on the top of the hour.  So I had one hour to greet a client, spend a minute of conversation, have them get undressed and on the table, massage them, get them off the table, take the dirty sheets off, put clean sheets on, clean up the room if needed, and then off to do it again and again.  Plus if the treatment was a hot stone, mud wrap or Vichy shower treatment that was even more cleanup, yet not more time.  If a client was late, they would get an even shorter massage!  Not quite right, is it?  The one spa that I worked at that did not book back-to-back, had a minimum of 20 minutes in-between massages.  That time made a big difference in clean-up, as well as my own sanity of not feeling so rushed, plus the client received their full-timed massage and a therapist who wasn't overworked.

One of the differences I have with Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage compared to spas is that your massage is the full time that is scheduled. If you book an hour you get minimum of 60 minutes and with an an hour and half it's a full 90 minutes.  With both of these time frames you usually end up getting even a bit more then that.  The time I spend on your body is not taken away because I have to set up my table and take it down.  I schedule my appointments so that I have the full time with you that is needed, including conversations on any issues you have going on, with plenty of time to setup everything and get to my next appointment.