Can Massage Help with Sciatica Pain Relief?

The Sciatic nerve is a large central nerve and longest nerve in the body and can be very painful, with the range of pain varying from person to person.  The pain starts at the low back and can radiate all the way down to the heel.  You know the agonizing feeling as pain radiates down from your lower back to wherever it happens to stop for you.  Massages help Sciatica sufferers by relaxing and stimulating the lower back muscles and glute (butt) muscles near the sciatic nerve, relieving pressure from the nerve and the surrounding muscles, and help speed up the natural healing process of the body.  Studies have shown that massage can reduce the healing time of pain by as much as 30%!   That's a good percentage!  I worked in a chiropractic office for 10 years and massaged a lot of clients with this issue and was very glad to help them out of their pain.  Do you want to continue in yours?  If not, call me and let's get you on the healing path.


Sciatic Nerve