HHMM Disclosures


  • Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage is offered only in your home or office.
  • Availability is within the boundaries of Santa Clarita only.
  • Heavenly Healing Mobile Massage does NOT offer sexual and/or sensual massages!***
    ***NOT an option! Don't even think about calling for that!  Don't waste my time!

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Massage Experiences and Club

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  • Massage, One (1) Hour: $80.00
  • Massage, One & a Half (1-½) Hours: $110.00
  • CBD Massage, One (1) Hour: $95.00
  • CBD Massage, One & a Half (1.5) Hours: $125.00
  • Infertility Massage: $125.00
  • Infertility Massage Three (3) Pack:  $300.00
  • Chair Massage: $75.00/Hour (One (1) hour minimum)
  • Couples Class Massage Training:  $135.00
  • Heavenly Healing Massage Club: 
    1. One (1) Hour: $65.00/month (session)
    2. One & Half (1-½) Hour: $95.00/month (session)

***Please note 24 Hour Cancellation Policy***

*If your appointment is not cancelled 24 hours prior to the allotted appointment time, you will be billed for the full amount of the missed massage ($80-125)*



Care for your body with the Heavenly Healing Massage. This full-body style of massage blends long strokes mixed with deeper strokes into the aching muscles of the body that my intuition guides me to help release your pain and stress from your body. This exceptional style is adapted to your particular body needs, your preference of pressure.  Let your mind, body and spirit escape reality with the fantastic Heavenly Healing Massage!



CBD acts as a natural antioxidant and neuroprotectant, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Theramu brand features a proprietary blend of emu oil and pure CBD isolate working together to provide superior bioavailability. Simply put, emu oil is proven to be a near perfect carrier for CBD – and they have the patent to prove it!  With the mixture of CBD and massage, this is a match made in heaven.  Let your mind, body and spirit escape reality with the fantastic CBD Heavenly Healing Massage!



Infertilty Massage Most every women dreams of someday being a mother.  However, sometimes the body doesn't create what the mind wants.  An Infertility/Fertility massage can help women and couples create their dreams of parenthood.  This specialized massage works both the reproductive and digestive systems in creating the healthy environment within the body to help achieve the goals of pregnancy. *(Please note the price above as this specialized massage cost is different then a Heavenly Healing Massage).



Sunset GolferThis massage targets golf-specific muscle groups such as shoulders, elbows, low back, hips, legs and the forearms. It incorporates both Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques in what can be a full-body massage or just those specific golf-tender areas... it's up to you. You will feel the tension and soreness dissipate. The Golfer's Massage can be valuable to your body for either pre-game conditioning or to manage post-game soreness.  Either way, it can help improve your game and your body.



Maternity massage is a soothing, full body massage specifically for the soon-to-be mother. While a pregnant woman's belly expands and her body changes, this massage aids in those discomforts that come with pregnancy. Your massage can be utilized on the special pregnancy "pillow" that allows you and your belly to be in a face down position or side-lying, whichever you prefer. Maternity Massage aims to relax, improve circulation and provide comfort during this exciting time of change.


Chair Massage

Create a Heavenly Healing retreat in the midst of your busy office, and/or location/production environment. Studies have shown that the brain can begin to recharge in just a few minutes. In 10, 15 or 20 minutes the brain and body can be re-energized to improve your employee's moods and productivity. Corporate Chair Massage can be scheduled for appointments to your place of business - visits guaranteed to keep your employees productive and energetic. This in turn benefits your company to happier and more productive employees.  Minimum 1 hour.



One of the biggest complaints I hear from couples is that their partner just doesn't massage well.  Wouldn't it be great if you and your partner learned a way to massage each other AND actually enjoy it and create more touch and intimacy in your relationship?  The easy solution: learn from a professional who has massaged hundreds of bodies.  This one-on-one class will teach you hands on techniques to massage your partner in two styles of environments. (1) The quick shoulder rub while you are watching t.v. together (2) The more intimate massage of full-body.  Create a new intimacy and happiness between you and your partner!



Most everybody takes their car to the mechanic for its’ regular tune-ups for prevention, yet as people we don’t do the preventative maintenance for ourselves.  We are a go, go, go society… we don’t take the time for ourselves and our health until it becomes an issue and you have to take time for your pain and/or sickness.  Instead, take the time now to set yourself up for less stress, pain relief, better health, improving your moods and to be happier in your daily life.
Quite putting it off until you are in desperate pain!

What You Receive:

  • Six (6) months of one-hour massages per month (Six (6) massages total, with option of 1.5 hour massages-see above for costs).  Must be used within one (9) months from date of purchase)
  • Preset appointments set up six months in advance
    - We all know once we make an appointment for something, we commit to it
  • Reminder every month of your preset appointment
    - Text message sent 1-2 days in advance of appointment
  • Preventative Healthcare
  • Stress and Pain Relief
  • Increased Immune System